Site Refurbishing
October 28, 2019

I am redoing many of the graphics to make them cleaner and more colorful, especially with a better handle of graphic design. My nameplate, logo, whatever, has also changed twice since I last did the graphics on the website in 2014. The common vision of 80's cyberpunk as seen today is a bit of the inspiration for much of the new graphic design. There is no new content at this time, but the commissions page has at least been updated with a freshly rewritten set of Terms of Service that I stayed up to write last night, and a new price sheet will go up. The new TOS are unfortunately about double the length of what they used to be.
Maybe if I'm feeling froggy, I might actually fill the gallery pages soon.
Links are going to be added to the sub-websites used for both of my BattleTech campaigns, so that you can follow along on their conquest or defense of the Inner Sphere.
The "About" deadlink is going to go outright. I'm not sure how I could dedicate a whole page to describing myself or my "achievements".

However, while I have you here, I should have you take a look at my wife's website, [Techno Sugar Creations]. My commissions are currently closed, but hers are open. Please give her a look, she works very hard on her work as well, and she could at least use a few more views. She's otherwise not active on social media at present.

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