Salvage Report:
From the desk of Technician Rick Bevin:
Uhh... oh. Hi. Name's Rick, used to be an astech for ... uh, Miss Gates for years till I moved on up. Now I'm the Master Tech, I guess. Sorry about the wiring thing again, Bones, I swear, I'll get that fixed.
Armor's gonna disappear fast if we keep bashing ourselves against these dudes. This Clan-grade ferro-fibby shit is sweet but kind of hard to find. ... Unless yer Bones or Impact, I don't give a shit, just bring the 'Mech back in one piece.
I also wanna suggest, maybe we should take apart some of these lighter 'Mechs that are over-engined so we can use their armor and weapons. I'd like to start with this toilet-lookin' piece of shit, but you need to give the word.

Cargo limits are not enforced during the operation.

Old Balance: 194,161,584

C-Bills Gained: 0
Mission Payment: 0
Monthly Pay: 0
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 0 (15 kills)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 0
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 0

New Balance: 194,161,584

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
Black Lanner 'Cutthroat'ReadySpaz+5.0 EXP, Ready
Stooping Hawk AEngine damaged, Gyro disabledScrapper+4.5 EXP, Fair
Hunchback IIC SReadyWizzard+5.0 EXP, Ready
Ice Ferret 'Roadrunner'ReadyHardhat+3.5 EXP, Ready
Huntsman BReadyCrustacean+4.0 EXP, Ready
Nova AReadyBones+4.5 EXP, Ready
Coyotl 'Alpha'ReadyImpact+4.0 EXP, Ready
Shadow Cat AEngine damaged, gyro damagedLightshow+4.0 EXP, Ready

Equipment ReplacedQnty
Jump Jet Class V1
Jump Jet Class IV4
Clan Endo-Steel83
Clan Ferro-Fibrous618
Clan Active Probe1
Weapons ReplacedQnty
Clan ER Small Laser1
Clan Medium Pulse Laser2
Clan ER PPC1
Clan SRM-61
Clan Streak SRM-23
Artemis IV FCS1
Ammunition ReloadedQnty
Clan AMS2
LB-10X Slug6
Clan LRM Standard420
SRM Artemis90
SRM Inferno30
Clan Streak SRM206

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
WVR-6R WolverineHip Destroyed, no other significant damage
FS9-H FirestarterLeg destroyed, no other significant damage
Jenner IICEngine damaged
Shadow Hawk IICGyro damaged
Ice Ferret PrimeEngine disabled, gyro damaged, no weapons
Champion CEngine disabled

Equipment FoundQntySB*
Std Engine 1202
Std Gyro Type II2
Clan Double Heat Sink3
Clan Endo-Steel49
Clan Ferro-Fibrous47
Jump Jet Class V11
Jump Jet Class IV5
Weapons FoundQnty
Medium Laser1
Clan ER Large Laser1
Clan Small Pulse Laser1
Clan Medium Pulse Laser2
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
No ammo was found.

C-Bill Treasury: 194,161,584
Monthly Unit Upkeep: 440,000

Melee Weapons
Many technicians under Master Tech Gates not only survived, but were also pulled into your unit. As a result, you will still have access to the Hatchet and Retractable Blade melee weapons, and at no cost in cargo or material.
NOTE: If you are facing a Clan unit expecting to fight under Zellbrigen, and your 'Mech has a melee weapon, you will be given an automatic Dezgra point.

[Unit Loadouts] (Updated June 26, 2019)
UnitTonsTypeTechnician Remarks
Black Lanner 'Cutthroat'55OmniMarked for "Spaz"
Stooping Hawk A55OmniMarked for "Scrapper"
Hunchback IIC S50StdMarked for "Wizzard"
Ice Ferret 'Roadrunner'45OmniMarked for "Hardhat"
Huntsman B50OmniMarked for "Crustacean"
Nova A50OmniMarked for "Bones"
Coyotl 'Alpha'40OmniMarked for "Impact"
Shadow Cat A45OmniMarked for "Lightshow"
Champion C60StdReady
FS9-H Firestarter35StdReady
Ice Ferret Prime45OmniMissing: 1 cSSRM2
Jenner IIC35StdReady
Shadow Hawk IIC45StdMissing: 2 cSSRM2
WVR-6R Wolverine55StdReady
LCT-1V Locust20StdAlways Available
STG-3G Stinger20StdAlways Available
WSP-1A Wasp20StdAlways Available
DropShip Bays-/5
DropShip Cargo-/770.0

Endo-Steel Internal Structure00.00
Clan Endo-Steel Internal Structure56616.98
Triple-Strength Myomer0
Ferro-Fibrous Armor00.00
Clan Ferro-Fibrous Armor1,34970.26
Double Heat Sink00.00
Clan Double Heat Sink2222.00
Anti-Missile System00.00
Clan Anti-Missile System21.00
Beagle Active Probe00.00
Clan Active Probe00.00
C3 Master Computer00.00
C3 Slave00.00
Guardian ECM Suite00.00
Clan ECM Suite11.00
Clan Targeting Computer33.00
Jump Jet#Tons
Std Class V105.00
Std Class IV3718.50
Std Class III00.00
Std Class II00.00
Std Class I00.00
Std 12028.0
Std Type II24.0

Clan Flamer21.0
Small LaserInf
Medium Laser11.0
Large Laser00.0
Small Pulse Laser11.0
Clan Sm Pulse Laser33.0
Medium Pulse Laser00.0
Clan Med Pulse Laser48.0
Large Pulse Laser00.0
Clan Lg Pulse Laser212.0
Clan ER Sm Laser10.5
Clan ER Med Laser66.0
ER Large Laser00.0
Clan ER Lg Laser624.0
ER PPC00.0
Clan ER PPC212.0
Snub-Nose PPC00.0
Machine GunInf
Clan Machine Gun00.00
Clan LB 2-X AC00.0
Clan LB 5-X AC00.0
LB 10-X Autocannon00.0
Clan LB 10-X AC110.0
Clan LB 20-X AC00.0
Clan Ultra AC/200.0
Ultra Autocannon/500.0
Clan Ultra AC/500.0
Clan Ultra AC/10110.0
Clan Ultra AC/2000.0
Gauss Rifle00.0
Clan Gauss Rifle00.0
Clan LRM-500.0
Clan LRM-1012.5
Clan LRM-1527.0
Clan LRM-20210.0
Clan SRM-200.0
Clan SRM-433.0
Clan SRM-600.0
Streak SRM-200.0
Clan Streak SRM-200.0
Clan Streak SRM-436.0
Clan Streak SRM-639.0
Artemis IV FCS22.0
Narc Missile Beacon00.0
Clan Narc Beacon12.0
Thumper Artillery00.0
Sniper Artillery00.0
Long Tom Artillery00.0
Arrow IV Artillery00.0
Clan Arrow IV Artillery00.0

Ammo TypeShotTons
Ammo TypeShotTons
Clan AMS582.42
AC/2 StandardInf0.00
AC/5 StandardInf0.00
AC/10 StandardInf0.00
AC/20 StandardInf0.00
LBAC/2 Slug00.00
LBAC/2 Cluster00.00
LBAC/5 Slug00.00
LBAC/5 Cluster00.00
LBAC/10 Slug444.40
LBAC/10 Cluster505.00
LBAC/20 Slug00.00
LBAC/20 Cluster00.00
Ammo TypeShotTons
LRM StandardInf0.00
Clan LRM Std2,70022.50
LRM Artemis00.00
Clan LRM Artemis7206.00
LRM Narc00.00
Clan LRM Narc7206.00
SRM StandardInf0.00
SRM Artemis4104.10
SRM Narc5005.00
SRM Inferno1701.70
Streak SRM00.00
Clan Streak SRM3843.84
Ammo TypeShotTons
Thumper Std00.00
Thumper Cluster00.00
Thumper Copper00.00
Thumper Flare00.00
Thumper Smoke00.00
Sniper Std00.00
Sniper Cluster00.00
Sniper Copper00.00
Sniper Flare00.00
Sniper Smoke00.00
Long Tom Std00.00
Long Tom Cluster00.00
Long Tom Copper00.00
Long Tom Flare00.00
Long Tom Smoke00.00
Arrow IV Std00.00
Arrow IV Homing00.00
Arrow IV Flare00.00
Arrow IV Smoke00.00
Arrow IV FASCAM00.00

Equipment use prioritizes repairs before customization. Your commander will facilitate such equipment use automatically. The Silver Keshik will provide restocking at regular intervals when able.

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