February 03, 3052
Landing Zone Omicron
Federated Commonwealth

Incoming Transmission... Star Captain Antoinette, Beta Galaxy
It's been twelve hours, and neither I nor the Falcons have detected any sign of the Wreckers' site yet. We do have an opportunity to single out the rest of the weakened Trinary, however. I will have you circle around through the Northern portion of the Lazy Joe Valley to cut off their route. I want this Trinary destroyed, to get the rest of these bird-brains thinking they are dealing with ghosts.

Expected Forces:
Nine 'Mechs from Sigma Galaxy, primarily medium class, piloted by competent yet unremarkable freeborn and solahma MechWarriors.

Tactical Notice:
You know the score. Allow no survivors, keep their salvage. And NO batchalls.

Primary Objective:
Destroy or force surrender of all enemy 'Mechs.

Secondary Objective:
Eliminate all enemies within an AO to receive salvage "rights". No retreats are permissible.

Mission Time: February 04, 3052
Mission Type: Ambush
Mission Pay: 0
Bonus Available: 0
Bounty Available: 0 per kill
Salvage: None (See Secondary Objective)

Gamemaster's Notes: Game is expected to be played on May 27th, 2020.

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