February 03, 3052
Lazy Joe Valley
Federated Commonwealth

Incoming Transmission... Star Captain Antoinette
Good showing, MechWarriors, and good on you to be careful with your targeting. Leutnant Mark Erskine, pilot of the Wolverine that surrendered, turned out to be a much higher ranking official with the planetary militia than suspected. They have one Captain, Yvonne Jones, and she is a pencil pusher at the planetary capital. All this, according to Erskine. When I allowed him to open a channel to his superior officer (at gun point, might I note), he has .... suggested to leave the unmarked 'Mechs alone from now on, and to focus on the green pigeons. Captain Jones seemed quite receptive, so that will hopefully be one less thorn to deal with during this operation.
Onto Clan Jade Falcon. They seem to have sent down majority freeborn and solahma troops down to Abbadiyah, judging by the intel we have recovered from Star Commander Yasir. No batchall has been called for from the Falcons as well, and Leutnant Erksine has told us that they did not know how many DropShips have actually landed, or what type. So... the militia have no radar systems, either, and we do not have an approximation on Falcon composition or strength.
In the mean time, the Falcons are searching for this Wreckers' site. They seem like they have a general idea of where it is, but do not have an exact fix. I will keep you posted.

All enemy units destroyed or surrendered: Salvage rights acquired.

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Old Balance: 194,161,584

C-Bills Gained: 0
Mission Payment: 0
Monthly Pay: 0
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 0 (15 kills)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 0
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 0

New Balance: 194,161,584

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
Black Lanner 'Cutthroat'ReadySpaz+5.0 EXP, Ready
Stooping Hawk AEngine damaged, Gyro disabledScrapper+4.5 EXP, Fair
Hunchback IIC SReadyWizzard+5.0 EXP, Ready
Ice Ferret 'Roadrunner'ReadyHardhat+3.5 EXP, Ready
Huntsman BReadyCrustacean+4.0 EXP, Ready
Nova AReadyBones+4.5 EXP, Ready
Coyotl 'Alpha'ReadyImpact+4.0 EXP, Ready
Shadow Cat AEngine damaged, gyro damagedLightshow+4.0 EXP, Ready

Equipment ReplacedQnty
Jump Jet Class V1
Jump Jet Class IV4
Clan Endo-Steel83
Clan Ferro-Fibrous618
Clan Active Probe1
Weapons ReplacedQnty
Clan ER Small Laser1
Clan Medium Pulse Laser2
Clan ER PPC1
Clan SRM-61
Clan Streak SRM-23
Artemis IV FCS1
Ammunition ReloadedQnty
Clan AMS2
LB-10X Slug6
Clan LRM Standard420
SRM Artemis90
SRM Inferno30
Clan Streak SRM206

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
WVR-6R WolverineHip Destroyed, no other significant damage
FS9-H FirestarterLeg destroyed, no other significant damage
Jenner IICEngine damaged
Shadow Hawk IICGyro damaged
Ice Ferret PrimeEngine disabled, gyro damaged, no weapons
Champion CEngine disabled

Equipment FoundQntySB*
Std Engine 1202
Std Gyro Type II2
Clan Double Heat Sink3
Clan Endo-Steel49
Clan Ferro-Fibrous47
Jump Jet Class V11
Jump Jet Class IV5
Weapons FoundQnty
Medium Laser1
Clan ER Large Laser1
Clan Small Pulse Laser1
Clan Medium Pulse Laser2
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
No ammo was found.

* = Scrounger Bonuses; Pilots with Scrounger and Master Scrounger apply salvage bonuses to the entire unit, regardless of their theater of operations.

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