January 02, 3050
Drop Zone Alpha
Federated Commonwealth

Incoming Transmission... Leutnant Reginald Davison, Local Militia:
*static*2784ng on? Good. Mercenaries, good to see you all, and thank you for your correct interpretation of the emergency signal. We just got our radio towers back online after a saboteur took them down last week. Your sudden arrival has forced the Oberon Confederation to back off and leave for greener pastures. We're not expecting any more trouble from them.
So, with luck, this will probably be the easiest 12 million C-Bills you'll ever make. And as a gesture of my gratitude, I will be lifting the salvage percentage up to 30 percent for this completed mission, plus a two million C-Bill payment.
He is visibly looking at a sheet of paper while on camera.
Your technician teams have informed me that they have salvaged the majority of a Lyran prototype 'Mech that the Oberon assholes were not supposed to have. If you leave the "Bushwacker" in our hands, I will let you have another 1 Million C-Bill bonus. We need this back so that TharHes Industries can keep working out the bugs on the machine.
I'll let you know when something else comes up. Enjoy the dustball.
Transmission ends...

Incoming Transmission from "Silent Eagle"... Tactical Commander Sarah Cosgrove
Shortly after the battle, I made an arrangement with a local alloy maker here on Bone-Norman. Nearby iron and nickel mines makes it very easy to source materials, and so once I sent a manufacturer specifications on how to produce the Gauss ammo, they agreed to produce ammo for us. They say they can make about three tons per month, and it will be 40,000 C-Bills per ton of ammo.
Transmission Ends...

Old Balance: 124,781,070

C-Bills Gained: 8,800,000
Mission Payment: 2,000,000
Monthly Pay: 6,000,000 (3 months)
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 800,000 (16 Kills)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 0
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 2,040,000 (3 Months)

New Balance: 131,541,070

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
KGC-0000 'Delta Sunshine IV' King CrabReadyDelta+4.5 EXP, Ready
VTR-8J 'Stonework' VictorReadyJ+5.0 EXP, Ready
RFL-3N-2 'Silent Eagle' Rifleman IIReadyWiz+5.5 EXP, Ready
OSR-2L 'Raider' OstrocReadyWhite Wolf+4.5 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'Anger II' AtlasReadyTemperance+4.5 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'It Burns When I PPC' AtlasReadyWyvern+4.5 EXP, Ready
HTM-27T 'Retribution II' Hatamoto-ChiReadyRasputin+4.0 EXP, Ready
MLN-1A 'Ripper' MerlinHip DamagedOutlaw+4.0 EXP, Ready

Equipment Replaced#
Ferro-Fibrous Armor127
Jump Jet Class I1
Double Heat Sink3
Weapons Replaced#
Small Laser1
Ammunition Reloaded#
AC/20 Standard3
LB10X Slug3
LB10X Cluster5
LRM Standard300
SRM Standard138
SRM Inferno12

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
LGB-7Q Longbow[7.4M] Flooded; Pristine
FLS-7K Flashman[6.3M] Leg Destroyed; -1 MLas
ZEU-6S Zeus[7.6M] Head Destroyed; -4@AC5, -5LRM
BSW-AV0 Prototype Bushwacker[4.5M] Engine Disabled; -1 DHS, -1 LRM5, -1 CASE, -120@LRM, -5@AC10
WHM-6D Warhammer[5.9M] Head Destroyed; -1 PPC
AWS-8Q Awesome[6.6M] Pilot Killed; -3 PPC
HBK-4G Hunchback[3.5M] Head Destroyed; -2@AC20, -1 SLas
GRF-1S Griffin[4.8M] Gyro Disabled; -35@LRM

Equipment FoundQntySB*
Jump Jet Class IV [22k]10-
Weapons FoundQnty
Small Laser [12k]2
Medium Laser [40k]10
Large Laser [100k]1
Autocannon/10 [200k]1
LRM-5 [30k]1
SRM-2 [10k]1
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
LRM Standard [30k/120]90-

* = Scrounger Bonuses; Pilots with Scrounger and Master Scrounger apply salvage bonuses to the entire unit, regardless of their theater of operations.

Maximum Salvage Allowance: 14,281,950 C-Bills (30%)
Total Salvage Value: 47,606,500 C-Bills
Contractor has first pick on salvage. Note that left over salvage allowance does not carry over.

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