March 9, 3049
Regal's Bowl
Federated Commonwealth

From the Command Console of "Silent Eagle", Captain Guy Daniels:
I should have probably figured this was a trap; reviewing the old memo again, this thing's riddled with errors. I guess I got too excited. While I am overseeing the salvage operations here in the caldera, Wolfpack is informing me that they were able to also surprise and decimate their enemies at their own coordinates with no problems, aside for the fact that Dagmar Aslin was tragically killed by an unlucky Autocannon/20 shot to the head. Death aside, we now have more of their 'Mechs than they have ours, by a ratio of one to none.
According to the people we have captured here in Regal's Bowl, the pirates do not appear to be affiliated with any house or periphery nation; this was just another semi-organized outfit trying to harass the forces of Pitkin into submission. It might explain why for years Pitkin did not see much in the way of reinforcements for so long until we showed up, as House Davion feared giving up more and more advanced technology to said pirate invaders. With this batch out of the way, we sincerely hope we don't see too many more of them here.
Our newest crew member, Outlaw, I would say handled himself very well out there. I hope he sticks around for as long as possible. And Blitz, everyone has heard your complaints about being cut loose as mercenaries, and ... well, Thomas Gervais says that he suddenly has an opening within the Wolfpack Command Lance if you want to stick around there. I have no doubt that many other units across the AFFC would be happy to have you, too.
I think this is when we tell you that it's time to cut you guys loose, once the inventory on the DropShips Pinion and Keg Party have been straightened out. Rumors are trickling all the way down here that the Oberon Confederation is making a big push on Lyran and Rasalhague territories, so I imagine that is where there is going to be the most work. The AFFC has hired a new XO as well as a new Command Console pilot for your mercenary outing, you'll meet them both soon enough. They'll be arriving planetside in a couple weeks. I will be taking over the role of XO for Wolfpack, since I've wanted to stay here and call this world home.
I wish you all luck on your future endeavors!

[Contract Options] (Upkeep will begin the moment you start your first contract.)

Old Balance: 131,781,070

C-Bills Gained: 2,000,000
Mission Payment: 0
Monthly Pay: 0
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 2,000,000 (20 Kills)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 0
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 0

New Balance: 133,781,070

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
KGC-0000 'Delta Sunshine IV' King CrabReadyDelta+5.5 EXP, Ready
VTR-8J 'Stonework' VictorReadyJ+5.0 EXP, +1 AP, Ready
RFL-3N-2 'Silent Eagle' Rifleman IIReadyWiz+4.5 EXP, Ready
OSR-2L 'Raider' OstrocReadyWhite Wolf+5.0 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'Anger II' AtlasReadyTemperance+4.5 EXP, Ready
BL-6-KNT 'Landsknecht' Black KnightReadyBlitz+4.0 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'It Burns When I PPC' AtlasReadyWyvern+4.5 EXP, Ready
HTM-27T 'Retribution II' Hatamoto-ChiReadyRasputin+3.5 EXP, Ready
MLN-1A 'Ripper' MerlinReadyOutlaw+4.0 EXP, Ready

Equipment Replaced#
Jump Jet Class II1
Jump Jet Class III1
Jump Jet Class IV2
Supercharger 300XL1
Weapons Replaced#
Small Laser1
Medium Laser3
Ammunition Reloaded#
AC/20 Standard8
AC/10 Standard2
LB10X Slug8
LB10X Cluster12
LRM Standard850
SRM Standard312
SRM Inferno18

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
COM-2D CommandoDonut Rule ("As God is my witness, that 'Mech is cleaved in half!")
Patton TankMotive System Disabled
HBK-4G HunchbackHead Destroyed
LRM CarrierEngine Destroyed
TBT-5N TrebuchetGyro and Engine Damaged
DV-6M DervishEngine Damaged

Equipment FoundQntySB*
380 Standard Engine1
4-ton Gyro1
Weapons FoundQnty
Small Laser3
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
AC/5 Standard5311
AC/10 Standard41
AC/20 Standard204
SRM Standard9419

* = Scrounger Bonuses; Pilots with Scrounger and Master Scrounger apply salvage bonuses to the entire unit, regardless of their theater of operations.

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