January 12, 3049
Juvie Hall
Federated Commonwealth

From the office of Major Guy "Bloodhound" Daniels
I hope you all have had a nice and relaxing time here on Pitkin for the past several months. That memo we were waiting on from the Jandex Corporation just arrived via HPG, in plain text. I'll relay the info now.

Incoming Transmission... Normal HPG, source unknown, dated December 20, 3048
Greetings, Wolfpack and Delinquent Companys! We have much interests in spreading our operations to Pitkin. As you know, we at Jandex Corp. specializ in the   manufactur of sanitation products, and we are heavily considering building a new plant or so on your planet. A large survey team will be arriving shortly on your world to pick out a plot to purchase and build on. Just in case there is a threat, we are requestig Delinquents to watch over Survey Team Oscar Foxtrot Kilo at these coords, and Wolfpack to watch over Survey Team Sierra Mike Hotel at these coords, both enclosed in attachment.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
-- Joseph Mitchell, CEO
Transmission Ends...

More details on these coordinates on the Mission screen.

Old Balance: 79,466,570

C-Bills Gained: 0
Mission Payment: 0
Monthly Pay: 0
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 0 (0 Kills)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 0
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 0

New Balance: 79,466,570

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
No UnitN/ANo PilotN/A

Equipment Replaced#
No Item0
Weapons Replaced#
No Item0
Ammunition Reloaded#
No Item0

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
No UnitN/A

Equipment Found#
No Item0
Weapons Found#
No Item0
Ammunition Found#
No Item0

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