After Action Report

Results from last mission:
July 29, 3043
Base Muttso no Kumo
Draconis Combine

From the Command Console of Silent Eagle, Captain Guy Daniels...
And that's all she wrote.
After we took the base quickly and violently, we were able to defend the base we just captured. The technicians felt safe enough in the walls to poke around during the battle and discovered that there's quite a few newly manufactured parts in here. Communications have been silenced: no reinforcements appear to be coming from the Combine, and we are to be relieved in a week. I'll have us take what we need (and some of what we want), but the Mutineers are going to need these supplies more than we are.

August 05, 3043
Incoming transmission... source unknown...
We've got Proserpina by the balls, ladies and gentlemen. Your services are unfortunately putting us at further risk, but I think this is now because we no longer need House Davion assistance with this planet. Base Muttso no Kumo will be transferred over to Free Mutineer Control and from here, we will be watching voer the Combine's moves. So far it looks like the 2nd An Ting Legion and the 8th Benjamin Regulars are going to leave to rebuild, and in a few months, the 1st Amphigean will be back for round two. There is still militia that are loyal to the combine across the planet, plus the occasional pockets of stragglers, so don't consider this planet liberated or "flipped" yet. I'd say on... oh, November of next year, that'll be the case...
Unfortunately, I can't buy any more 'Mechs from you, either. My warchest is starting to run low, and we need what you have left for us back on the base.
My AFFC contacts have informed me that your next assignment is going to be back on Pitkin. I wish you luck in your future; you have been an excellent source of help here on Proserpina. I just wish I had better news to come out of Galedon V, their efforts are faltering and resistance has been far too strong. Even when the mercenaries pulled out of there after the 1st of August, resistance from the 2nd An Ting has been far, far too strong.
Transmission ends...

December 02, 3044
Six Frags Amusement Park/Secondary HQ
Federated Commonwealth
Incoming transmission... HPG Relay, Proserpina Free Radio 95.5 FM XPFP...
Efforts at the liberation of Galedon V have finally met their end when the 2nd An Ting Legion destroyed the last few dissenters of the Free Mutineers in the ruins of Washkatin the other day. The Legion have this to say about the Mutineers' efforts falling short of their mark: "Good people who serve their own will always prevail against those who feel they need to upset the status quo."
Meanwhile in Proserpina, the Mutineers found much more success in subverting control from the Combine. While originally assisted by a couple of House Davion units very briefly, it took a small mercenary called Team Venom (led by a Steven "Slappy" Nichols and supported by a young Grady Kiefer) to push them over the edge to their own victory. How long independence will last will depend on many factors, including if Davion will support them, or if Kurita will bring reinforcements, but it seems as though once the dust settles, there may be changes underway on Proserpina. There doesn't appear to be any inspiration being drawn from this event from neighboring solar systems, however, as Combine citizenry are otherwise content in their own respective living conditions.
From the bottom of our hearts at Proserpina Free Radio, we want to thank the bunch of "Delinquents" who helped kickstart events here almost two years ago. Thank you very much.

Exploits of the Delinquents is starting to catch on across the original Federated Suns; once considered a backwater, Pitkin is slowly growing in population and infrastructure. Theme parks, original franchises, and other support from Tarot Independent have helped to jumpstart Pitkin's economy here. So much so that rumors spread of a major hygienic company "Jandex" looking to spread their wealth here as well...
There is a joint training session between the 1st Vikings and the 2nd Delinquents on the frigid, FRR-friendly system of Alshain throughout April 3048, where major refits such as engine swaps, skeleton rebuilds, and the like can occur. While all player will gain 5 EXP during the downtime, all players will also gain 20% of the difference between themselves and the MechWarrior with the highest EXP (the highest gains no bonus) to close the experience gap. EXP to be rounded up to the nearest 0.5.
A single mission is to take place in March 3049 on Pitkin. After which, the Delinquents are to be turned loose as mercenaries, especially after rumors are trickling down from the Coreward portions of the Inner Sphere about alien invaders...

BattleMechs Lost:
No units were lost.

Equipment Expended:
Ammunition reloads were free.
14 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 244 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 1 CASE, 2 Jump Jets Class II, 5 Medium Lasers, 1 PPC, 1 Machine Gun, 1 LRM-5, 1 SRM-6,

Units Recovered:
ON1-K Orion (Head Destroyed)
HTM-27T Hatamoto-Chi (Head Destroyed)
HTM-27T Hatamoto-Chi
TLN-5W Talon (Engine Destroyed)
QKD-4G Quickdraw (Head Destroyed)
GHR-5H Grasshopper (Head, Engine, Gyro Destroyed)
PNT-MX35-P2 Panther (Donut Rule)
DRG-1N Dragon (Engine Destroyed)
DRG-MX60-2G Grand Dragon (Engine Destroyed)
AS7-KX Atlas (Engine, Gyro Damaged)

Equipment Recovered:
From Salvage:
27 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 50 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 1 CASE, 1 Double Heat Sink, 1 Flamer, 2 Small Lasers, 3 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser, 1 PPC, 2 Machine Guns, 3 LRM-20s, 1 SRM-6, 1 Artemis IV FCS, 7 AMS Ammo, 300 LRM Ammo, 140 LRM+Artemis Ammo, 48 SRM Ammo

From Base Muttso no Kumo:
100 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 359 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 30 Double Heat Sinks, 1 Anti-Missile System, 2 Flamers, 8 Medium Lasers, 3 PPCs, 2 Medium Pulse Lasers, 3 Large Pulse Lasers, 1 ER Large Laser, 1 ER PPC, 2 LB-10X Autocannons, 2 Gauss Rifles, 2 LRM-15s, 1 LRM-20, 3 SRM-6s, 1 Artemis IV FCS, 1 Narc Missile Beacon, 1 Thumper Artillery Piece
60 AMS Ammo, 400 MGun Ammo, 80 AC/5 Ammo, 60 AC/10 Ammo, 30 AC/20 Ammo, 30 LB10X Slug Ammo, 30 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 48 Gauss Ammo, 1800 LRM Ammo, 480 LRM+Artemis Ammo, 480 LRM+Narc Ammo, 1000 SRM Ammo, 300 SRM+Artemis Ammo, 300 SRM+Narc Ammo, 12 Narc Pods, 120 Thumper Ammo, 80 Sniper Ammo, 50 Long Tom Ammo

Bonuses from 1 Master Scrounger:
13 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 17 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 7 AMS Ammo, 40 MGun Ammo, 8 AC/5 Ammo, 6 AC/10 Ammo, 3 AC/20 Ammo, 3 LB10X Slug Ammo, 3 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 5 Gauss Ammo, 210 LRM Ammo, 61 LRM+Artemis Ammo, 48 LRM+Narc Ammo, 110 SRM Ammo, 30 SRM+Artemis Ammo, 30 SRM+Narc Ammo, 2 Narc Pods, 12 Thumper Ammo, 8 Sniper Ammo, 5 Long Tom Ammo

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