After Action Report

Results from last mission:
July 29, 3043
Base Muttso no Kumo
Draconis Combine

From the Command Console of Silent Eagle, Captain Guy Daniels...
Outstanding! I'm going to be busy arranging reloading efforts by our technicians for the next fifteen minutes, but for now, I wanted to congratulate you all on actually completing the original goals. There's something I wanted to point out while I was riding in battle earlier.
That ridge that the enemy was filing over practically single-file was why we won. As they were able to only expose two or three 'Mechs' fire at a time, we were able to continually wail on them. However, I can't forget about J's strategic MADLAD landing, either. Taking the turrets was enough to sway 'Mechs the other way and get turrets off of us quickly.
As you know, the Free Mutineer attack failed with few survivors. Twenty 'Mechs from the 2nd An Ting and the 9th Benjamin Regulars just mauled the Mutineers. We are estimating about 12 to 15 are going to be left, and while a few may be fresh, most will not be.

[Free Mutineers Quartermaster]

BattleMechs Lost:
No units were lost.

Equipment Expended:
Reloads were free.

Units Recovered:
No units were salvaged (yet).

Equipment Recovered:
No weapons or equipment was salvaged (yet).

Bonuses from 1 Master Scrounger:
Nothing yet.

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