After Action Report

Results from last mission:
June 11, 3043
Helepolis Mountain Checkpoint
Draconis Combine

Incoming transmission... source unknown...
Excellent work on the checkpoint. I read no survivors who escaped the carnage. Our way is clear to the next stage. Unfortunately, your escort services are required once more tomorrow.
About when you reached the battlefield, I received a distress signal that one of the cells in Gorudo were found and will not be able to receive the new Mobile HQ. The new 'Mechs you sold us will come to reinforce with fresh MechWarriors from the ranks of the green and the retired alike (some of which were tankers), but we're going to need that Mobile HQ in position to coordinate efforts. I'll provide more details on your mission later. For now, I think you have enough time for a full repair cycle, and I am sure we can use some more 'Mechs.
Transmission Ends...

From the Command Console of 'Silent Eagle', Captain Guy Daniels:
I've already received mission details from our contact, and it's slated for tomorrow. Trucks will be here shortly to pick up salvage and begin repairs on our units.

[Free Mutineers Quartermaster]

BattleMechs Lost:
AS7-D 'Anger II' Atlas (Engine destroyed, recovered; Temperance survived in Good condition)

Equipment Expended:
152 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 3 Jump Jets Class IV, 1 CASE, 1 Supercharger 300, 1 Guardian ECM Suite, 1 Medium Laser, 1 PPC, 1 Machine Gun, 1 LRM-5, 1 LRM-10, 3 SRM-6s, 2 AMS Ammo, 20 AC/5 Ammo, 18 MGun Ammo, 5 LB10X Slug Ammo, 11 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 31 Gauss Ammo, 260 LRM Ammo, 60 SRM Ammo, 72 Inferno SRM Ammo

Units Recovered:
GRF-1N Griffin (Leg destroyed)
VND-1R Vindicator (Leg destroyed)
ARC-2K Archer (Engine destroyed)
MAD-3R Marauder (Leg Destroyed)
CPLT-K2 Catapult (Leg and Head destroyed)

Equipment Recovered:
240 Standard Engine, 3 Jump Jets Class IV, 1 Flamer, 2 Small Lasers, 6 Medium Lasers, 2 PPCs, 1 Machine Gun, 1 Autocannon/5, 1 Autocannon/20, 1 LRM-5, 3 LRM-10s, 1 SRM-2, 1 SRM-4, 6 SRM-6s, 100 MGun Ammo, 18 AC/5 Ammo, 21 AC/20 Ammo, 660 LRM Ammo, 642 SRM Ammo

Bonuses from 1 Scrounger:
5 MGun Ammo, 1 AC/5 Ammo, 2 AC/20 Ammo, 33 LRM Ammo, 33 SRM Ammo

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