After Action Report

Results from last mission:
March 14, 3043
Draconis Combine

Incoming transmission... source unknown...
Congratulations on the destruction of the messenger convoy. In Sho-sa Emily Kawasaki's stead we have sent one of our agents up to Taikata to send a falsified report to DCMS High Command about the status of the planet. This should keep reinforcements off world for a while longer, especially as long as we keep disrupting communications relays. For now, your objective is to lay low. We have caused a great deal of damage both interally and externally to the Dragon here on Proserpina. Make yourselves comfortable in Bullmar. Aunt Betty has an excellent BBQ restaurant out by City Hall if you've not tried her food yet.
I will make the call to you when you will be needed again. But as far as I understand, you have some weapons and equipment that we can use, for which I have C-Bills to spend. We will use these units in the coming months.
Transmission Ends...

March 21, 3043
Incoming transmission... Proserpina Free Radio 95.5 FM XPFP...
The HPG is back online! After a month of silence, we are collecting news transmissions from across the Inner Sphere and disseminating them as quickly as we can.
For the most part, the Inner Sphere is quiet. The Great Houses are silently and carefully eyeing each other from across their respective borders. But one planet stands out besides this one, the world of Galedon V. The Free Mutineers of Galedon are fighting a losing battle against a well-equipped irregular mercenary company and the 2nd An Ting Legion. Not even the mercenary bounty collection services of the Jade Dragon could bring them down. However, the bounty of one mercenary MechWarrior, Frederick Wilkins, callsign "Sentry", has continued to rise from within the fading ranks of the Free Mutineers. Information leading to the arrest or death of this MechWarrior will be rewarded.
Meanwhile, here on Proserpina, yes, our HPG center is back online, one day after ComStar's original target date. Rumblings continue about flare-ups of Free Mutineers across this planet, but aside for one or two direct strikes against Combine compounds, very little has actually happened. A political war against a planetary governor? Or something more? We will have more details when we get them.
Transmission Ends...

April 03, 3043
Incoming transmission... Proserpina Free Radio 95.5 FM XPFP...
Welcome to the Six O'Clock Action News, here to bring you the breaking news is Tracy O'Neal. Galedon V is heating up as the Free Mutineers' efforts continue to grow more desperate against their masters. The Mutineers bombed the city hall of Senshi Village, and there are signs of 'Mechs and 'Mech combat all over the town. We will have more as soon as it develops.
Transmission Ends...

[Free Mutineers Quartermaster]

BattleMechs Lost:
No units were lost.

Equipment Expended:
46 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 664 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 6 Jump Jets Class V, 2 Jump Jets Class IV, 1 Jump Jet Class III, 8 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser, 1 PPC, 2 ER PPCs, 1 LRM-5, 1 LRM-10, 1 AMS Ammo, 28 MGun Ammo, 9 LB10X Slug Ammo, 14 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 12 Gauss Ammo, 270 LRM Ammo, 42 SRM Ammo

Units Recovered:
JR7-F Jenner
CRB-27 Crab
PXH-2 Phoenix Hawk
TBT-5N Trebuchet
SHD-2K Shadow Hawk (Leg Destroyed)
DRG-MX60-RB1 Grand Dragon (Gyro destroyed)
JR7-F Jenner (Leg Destroyed)
DRG-MX60-2G Grand Dragon (Gyro destroyed)

Equipment Recovered:
1 CASE, 66 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 6 Jump Jets Class V, 2 Small Lasers, 1 Medium Laser, 2 Medium Pulse Lasers, 1 Machine Gun, 1 Ultra Autocannon/5, 4 SRM-6s, 1 Streak SRM-2, 99 MGun Ammo, 13 UAC/5 Ammo, 496 SRM Ammo, 96 Streak SRM Ammo

Bonuses from 1 Scrounger:
5 MGun Ammo, 1 UAC/5 Ammo, 25 SRM Ammo, 5 Streak SRM Ammo

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