After Action Report

Results from last mission:
January 29, 3040
Fortress Romero
Federated Commonwealth

From the office of Intelligence Officer Captain Guy "Bloodhound" Daniels:
That was a very tough pair of fights. It looks like our fight against the outpost in the north did not fare quite as well as yours did, however the replacement equipment that the unit was sold to Wolfpack, plus the salvage attained there, will shore up all the losses sustained. By some miracle we didn't suffer any actual casualties; Go-Go barely escaped with her life when a Marauder's PPC hit home on her Javelin's head and fried the cockpit.
We can happily take that base that you've secured, both the Wolfpack and the Delinquents will be accommodated there. It is a major upgrade from our standard base of operations. Might need to remove some of the walls and put up better launch facilities, but outside of that, it is a great location with a nice lakeside view.
Let the remaining pirates flee. With nowhere to go and no ride to get them off world, they will remain fugitives or turn themselves in eventually. I forsee us having an easy time for awhile on Pitkin. So, Solaris VII again, anyone?

February 19, 3040
[Media Burst Detected]... would you like to play the transmission?

As nothing is expected to arrive on Pitkin aside for the occasional small pirate gang, which the Wolfpack Garrison Force can handle with ease, the core members of the 2nd Delinquents Irregulars board for Solaris VII. While too late to enter into the tournament proper (...again), the Game World never sleeps, and exhibition matches will continue throughout the year. You will be arriving on-world on late August 3040.
Players do not need to downsize to 12 'Mechs during this time, but they should specify which 'Mechs are coming to Solaris VII with them (up to 12 plus personal). Like in the previous intermission period, repairs and reloads will not be tracked during your stay on Solaris VII as whatever sponsoring stables will handle that legwork -- even if it is an otherwise irreplaceable BattleMech or piece of LosTech. In addition, your characters will be protected from death, no matter what MegaMek may say. C-Bill prizes can be earned.
Participation in the Solaris VII events is voluntary, and may even involve elements of the FRR 1st Vikings Irregulars, if they decide to head out that way.
Experience gain during Solaris: 1 EXP for match participation, 0.5 per kill.
C-Bill gain during Solaris: 10,000 C-Bills per kill, 20,000 for finishing 2nd, 50,000 for finishing 1st.
These do not apply during duels, only for four man Free-For-Alls.
After the Solaris Intermission, all pilots -- including rookies joining after the Intermission -- will gain 5 EXP.

BattleMechs Lost:
No units were lost.

Equipment Expended:
112 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 276 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 1 CASE, 6 Double Heat Sinks, 1 Jump Jet Class III, 6 Medium Lasers, 1 ER Large Laser, 2 Small Pulse Lasers, 1 Medium Pulse Laser, 1 Gauss Rifle, 20 MGun Ammo, 5 AC/20 Ammo, 15 LB10X Slug Ammo, 10 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 2 UAC/5 Ammo, 36 Gauss Ammo, 320 LRM Ammo, 168 SRM Ammo, 4 Streak SRM Ammo, 44 Thumper Ammo

Units Recovered:
RFL-3N-2 Rifleman II (Head destroyed)
TDK-7X Thunder Hawk (Engine destroyed)
AS7-D Atlas (Head destroyed)
THE-Nb Thorn (Engine destroyed)
AS7-D-H Atlas II (Head destroyed)
GLH-2D Galahad

Equipment Recovered:
From salvage:
10 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 1 CASE, 1 Double Heat Sink, 1 Jump Jet Class III, 5 Medium Lasers, 2 Large Lasers, 1 PPC, 2 Autocannon/5s, 1 Autocannon/20, 1 SRM-4, 2 LRM-15s, 6 LRM-20s, 199 MGun Ammo, 112 AC/5 Ammo, 18 AC/20 Ammo, 1400 LRM Ammo, 180 LRM Narc Ammo, 72 SRM Inferno Ammo

From Fortress Romero:
4 Medium Lasers, 2 ER Large Lasers, 1 ER PPC, 1 LB-10X Autocannon, 1 Gauss Rifle, 2 Artemis IV FCS, 80 Gauss Ammo, 40 LB10X Slug Ammo, 40 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 240 LRM Artemis Ammo, 600 LRM Narc Ammo, 24 Narc Ammo

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