After Action Report

Results from last mission:
January 10, 3040
Barbara O'Reilly Estate Farm
Federated Commonwealth

From the office of Intelligence Officer Captain Guy "Bloodhound" Daniels:
We caught them with their pants down.
The swift destruction of a crew barracks disabled four tanks before they were ever a threat to the force. Which is good because a Brutus and Von Luckner mixed in with everything else that was being thrown at us was going to present a major hurdle to overcome.
Onto the base: There were some trace elements of old LosTech in a couple of the buildings, but not a lot to write about. This was definitely a refit and repair type of base where folks could shack up for the night between raids.
And as for the Mobile HQ, this was also chock-full of information that we didn't have. Someone brought up a false flag operation (two in five years on Pitkin, right?), but no, nothing like that going on. These are legit pirates, and whatever they're digging out of the Star League base is what's keeping them going, whether it's C-Bills from sales of equipment, or just the war material they keep pulling out. They're out of Steiner space, led here on a promising tip.
Amusingly, there's some scrawl in the databanks about wanting to ultimately get back at the Wreckers. ... Isn't that J's old unit?
In other Pitkin news, a JumpShip jumped into the Pitkin solar system with a neutral IFF and no clear markings after the mission. A Leopard DropShip is burning on its way down. No way to tell who it belongs to.

January 12, 3040
I took a message from the DropShip burning down to the surface. One of the MechWarriors onboard is identifying himself as Thaddeus Bannerson, in a peaceful search for his son, Jericho. With your permission, I will send him down here. A family reunion would certainly liven up spirits.

The destruction of the crew barracks in Turn 1 nets a half point to all players.
Thank you to everyone who's been a player in this game, it has been a very wild ride all the way through, and a very fun one, too. I hope to keep running this game throughout 2018 as well!

BattleMechs Lost:
No units were lost.

Equipment Expended:
17 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 1 CASE, 3 Double Heat Sinks, 489 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 2 Jump Jets Class IV, 1 Small Laser, 3 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser, 2 PPCs, 4 Machine Guns, 1 LRM-15, 1 SRM-4, 3 SRM-6s, 3 MGun Ammo, 11 AC/5 Ammo, 16 AC/10 Ammo, 12 AC/20 Ammo, 5 LB10X Slug Ammo, 4 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 10 UAC/5 Ammo, 11 Gauss Ammo, 705 LRM Ammo, 350 SRM Ammo, 90 SRM Inferno Ammo, 20 Thumper Ammo

Units Recovered:
Mobile Headquarters (Assigned to GM Protection Ward)
Vedette Medium Tank (Motive damaged)
Vedette Medium Tank
Saracen Medium Hover Tank
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank (Turret locked)
Brutus Assault Tank
Hunter Light Support Tank
Zhukov Heavy Tank
Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun
Condor Heavy Hover Tank (Liao) (Motive destroyed)
Rommel Tank (Engine destroyed)
Behemoth Heavy Tank (Motive destroyed)
Manticore Heavy Tank (Motive destroyed)
OSR-2L Ostroc (Engine destroyed)
GRF-2N Griffin (Engine destroyed)
STY-2C Starslayer (Leg destroyed)

Equipment Recovered:
From salvage:
19 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 28 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 275 Std Engine, 3-ton Gyro, 3 Jump Jets Class V, 9 Jump Jets Class IV, 2 Jump Jets Class III, 5 Medium Lasers, 3 Large Lasers, 1 PPC, 1 Autocannon/20, 2 LRM-10s, 2 LRM-15s, 2 SRM-2s, 1 SRM-4, 1 SRM-6, 27 AC/20 Ammo, 170 LRM Ammo, 200 SRM Ammo

From outpost:
179 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 1 AMS, 2 Medium Lasers, 1 PPC, 1 ER PPC, 1 LB-10X Autocannon, 2 LRM-10s, 1 Artemis IV FCS, 12 AMS Ammo, 20 AC/5 Ammo, 20 AC/10 Ammo, 20 AC/20 Ammo, 30 LB10X Slug Ammo, 240 LRM Ammo, 480 LRM Artemis Ammo, 200 SRM Ammo

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