After Action Report

Results from last mission:
July 25, 3039
Fellanin II
Dropzone Alpha
Draconis Combine

From the bridge of "Keg Party", Commander Nick Summers:
Ha HA! That should keep those damn snakes off my ship! Did you see that shit where we fucking melted the Archer and Jenner? Was that some good shit or what?
Alright, for real now, we started on launch preparations the moment we accepted surrender. The 'Mech techs are plating the DropShips back with whatever armor we have lying around. And also, we're stll space-worthy, so that's good. The dirty sock smell hasn't been venting out anywhere.
I'll take you to our intel officer.

From the office of Intelligence Officer Captain Guy "Bloodhound" Daniels:
Too fucking close.
Well done on securing the drop zones. Once we get everything packed in and salvaged, we're getting the hell off of this fucking rock. Because of the cache of Star League 'Mechs, I'm calling in a favor to help with that; I think there was a straggler Leopard DropShip that can help with transporting some extra 'Mechs.
Next stop, Pitkin. The 2nd Arkab is not going to bother us anymore since we've declared our interest to get out of here.

Next mission will take place on Pitkin, four months away for travel.
The Empress is available for shipping additional units beyond the 'Mech bay limit. The cost to do so is 40,000 C-Bills per ton.
If you cannot cover this shipping cost, the 2nd Arkab Legion will happily buy any 'Mechs you do not want for 30% of their market value.

BattleMechs Lost:
No units were lost.

Equipment Expended: (Two mission total)
240 Standard Engine, 75 Endo-Steel, 162 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 2 Double Heat Sinks, 1 Jump Jet Class III, 1 Jump Jet Class II, 5 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser, 1 PPC, 1 Machine Gun, 2 SRM-4s, 2 SRM-6s, 34 MGun Ammo, 18 AC/5 Ammo, 7 AC/10 Ammo, 1 AC/20 Ammo, 28 LB10X Slug Ammo, 30 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 48 UAC5 Ammo, 960 LRM Ammo, 456 SRM Ammo, 108 SRM Inferno Ammo, 10 Streak SRM Ammo, 25 Thumper Ammo, 11 Thumper FASCAM Ammo

Vehicles and BattleMechs Recovered:
THG-11E Thug (Leg damaged)

Equipment Recovered:
45 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 22 Double Heat Sinks, 1 CASE, 16 Jump Jets Class V, 4 Jump Jets Class IV, 2 Jump Jets Class III, 180 Std Engine, 200 Std Engine, 240 Std Engine, 260 Std Engine, 300 Std Engine, 2 2-ton Gyros, 3 3-ton Gyros, 2 Small Lasers, 9 Medium Lasers, 3 Large Lasers, 1 Small Pulse Laser, 2 Machine Guns, 1 Autocannon/10, 1 LRM-10, 1 LRM-15, 2 SRM-6, 24 MGun Ammo, 16 AC10 Ammo, 240 LRM Ammo, 78 SRM Ammo, 78 SRM Inferno Ammo

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