After Action Report

Results from last mission:
June 07, 3039
Fellanin II
Outside North Sea Fort
Draconis Combine

Shortly before you all arrived, I received a communique through Delta's Warhammer that the 4th Proserpina Hussars are plotting to pull off planet to rebuild, leaving the 2nd Arkab Legion to guard the world. The Eridani Light Horse are getting beaten to shit out there as well, and some of our other AFFC units on world are pulling out. But I'm not sure why. I've not been told. And I get told everything.
I wonder if the ISF might have something to do with that, or if The Fox is making a rare mistake.
Thanks to White Wolf's ballsy strategy to set half the base on fire, the 2nd Arkab forces nearby are being forced to hold position, waiting for another unseen attack. Their rebuilding efforts were hampered by his quick thinking, killing up to 40 engineers and technicians. They also lost a number of components and tons of ammunition, as well as a full Bulldog tank from the partial collapse of a hangar. I'll have our own technicians make a new medal for you that will look like a pair of truck nuts, because that took balls of steel to do that to get your comrades to run to safety.
As before, the 2nd Arkab have collected our salvage, but they're down a MechWarrior from a wicked punch. That is going to hurt them. However, that base is going to be on full alert for a long time, so there's no way we're getting those 'Mechs back.

Meat will need to be in sick bay for quite a long time. Alcohol alone won't save him here, but we have the best doctors in the AFFC to take care of him.

I called in a favor due to the overwhelming forces we've been facing of late, and fresh from the 1st Vikings Irregulars out of Vega, (did you know they're a mercenary unit now?) I was able to pull in 'Mother Russia' with their Scorpion and BattleMaster 'Mechs. They'll be able to start July 9th, just in time for my next scheme.

One last thing before I forget, I will have a word with the Eridani Light Horse's Intelligence teams. We have had absolutely nothing but awful, unreliable intel since we've gotten here. I'm going to pull Niebla and Spirit from wherever they're stationed just to double-check with the ELH's shoddy services.

White Wolf has been granted an additional experience point beyond Player Of The Week honors for his selfless (and reckless) service to his unit.
Next mission is expected to take place in five weeks. Except for Engines and Internals, technicians can do anything you ask them to your 'Mechs.

BattleMechs Lost:
VTR-9B 'Stonework' Victor (Leg destroyed, recovered by 2nd Arkab)
HTM-26T 'Amoto-8E' Hatamoto-Chi (Leg destroyed, recovered by 2nd Arkab)
STK-3F 'Tyr' Stalker (Head destroyed, recovered by 2nd Arkab)

BattleMechs Recovered:
No BattleMechs or Vehicles were salvaged.

Equipment Recovered:
From NAIS Shipment:
30 Double Heat Sinks

Equipment Expended:
13 Endo-Steel Internal Structure, 5 LB10X Slug Ammo, 4 LB10X Cluster Ammo
Note: All Prototype Double Heat Sinks ("Freezers") have expired. Please replace them with suitable equivalents as soon as possible.

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