After Action Report

Results from last mission:
May 12, 3039
Fellanin II
Draconis Combine
With the escapees dealt with, the 4th Proserpina Hussars will not be able to reinforce from the South. Now with the majority of the terrain around the Great Expanse ours and the Eridani's, we can take the plunge towards the North Sea and break the back of the Proserpina Hussars on this planet.
Next mission will be in a few weeks to a month. We're going to prepare to plunge into their most fortified outpost on the planet and make them cry dragon tears.

May 28, 3039
We found the battered Shadow Hawk somewhere off in the desert, slumped over on a rocky cliffside. The 'Mech showed signs of severe sandblasting and will not be worth salvaging with all the damage it sustained, not even the engine. There was no sign of the pilot.
The AS7-D Atlas has arrived from Tarot Independent Trading. It has a week for customizations.

BattleMechs Lost:
None. Excellent job!

BattleMechs Recovered:
PHX-1K Phoenix Hawk (Gyro Destroyed, Leg Destroyed)
BMB-12D Bombardier (Engine destroyed)
JR7-D Jenner (Leg Destroyed)
LCT-1V Locust (Leg Destroyed)
MON-66 Mongoose

Equipment Recovered:
1 Medium Laser, 1 PPC, 2 SRM-2, 1 SRM-6, 98 SRM Ammo

Equipment Expended:
4 Endo-Steel, 1 CASE, 62 Ferro-Fibrous, 2 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser, 2 Machine Guns, LRM-20, 2 AMS Ammo, 18 MGun Ammo, 6 LB10X Slug Ammo, 5 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 240 LRM Ammo, 142 SRM Ammo

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