After Action Report

Results from last mission:
April 24, 3039
Fellanin II
Draconis Combine

It didn't take long for us to sweep in and secure the water purification plant. Now with the water of this region of the planet, we control the region. The Eridani Light Horse are grateful for the assistance; things are not going as smoothly for them.
We may be assisting them in the next mission. Stay tuned and stay ready, we only have a couple weeks. The technicians can only perform light customization work in this span of time.
We received a massive shipment of new parts from the New Avalon Institute of Science just as we were returning. The biggest thing in there I think you all care about is the double heat sinks, of which there's thirty.

J is awarded a bonus experience point for participating and winning an honorable duel against the commanding officer of the opposing force.

BattleMechs Lost:
AS7-D-S-X 'Anger' Atlas (Cored, unrecoverable)

BattleMechs Recovered:
GOL-1H Goliath
HTM-26T Hatamoto-Chi (Crippled)
OSR-2L Ostroc (Gyro Damaged)

Also recovered:
Savannah Master

Equipment Recovered:
From Salvage:
62 Endo-Steel, 66 Ferro-Fibrous, 2 CASE, 15 Double Heat Sinks, 105 Std Engine, 320 Std Engine, 4-ton Gyro, 3 Medium Lasers, 7 PPCs, 1 Autocannon/20, 1 LRM-5, 1 LRM-15, 8 SRM-6s, 13 AC/20 Ammo, 235 LRM Ammo, 264 SRM Ammo

From the NAIS Shipment:
179 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 30 Double Heat Sinks, 2 LB-10X Autocannon, 40 LB10X Slug Ammo, 40 LB10X Cluster Ammo

Equipment Expended:
1 Jump Jet Class III, 2 Jump Jets Class II, 3 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser, 5 Machine Guns, 1 LB-10X Autocannon, 1 LRM-5, 3 SRM-6s, 28 Machine Gun Ammo, 120 LRM Ammo, 312 SRM Ammo, 52 SRM Inferno Ammo, 26 LB10X Slug Ammo, 47 LB10X Cluster Ammo, 19 Thumper Ammo, 5 Cluster Ammo

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