After Action Report

Results from last mission:
September 27, 3035
Solaris VII
Solaris City
International Zone Starport

Results from Solaris VII Class One League, Exhibition - September 3035
(Results pruned...)

MechWarriorMatches PlayedEarningsFan Reputation
1st Vikings Irregulars, FRR
Leo Arenault "Surge"2 FFAs, 1 Duel55,000Liked
Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan "Spaz"3 FFAs295,000Adored
Kat Slate "Nelttab"3 FFAs100,000Liked
Deffer Corzett "Twitchy"2 FFAs0Vilified
Chai Jianjun "Scrapper"2 FFAs, 1 Duel0Neutral
Cermina Aturaburn Draconis "Mother Russia"1 FFA, 1 Duel10,000Neutral
Varik Fetladral "Heretic"2 FFAs95,000Liked
Markus Daniels "Central"2 FFAs250,000Adored
2nd Delinquents Irregulars, FedCom
Delanus Turgias "Delta"1 FFA25,000Neutral
Jericho Bannerson "J"2 FFAs, 1 Duel50,000Adored
Wilson Hill "Wiz"2 FFAs135,000Liked
Xion Fang "White Wolf"2 FFAs35,000Neutral
Christophe Fabrice "Temperance"2 FFAs100,000Liked
Konrad Weimann "Blitz"1 FFA120,000Liked
Ka'Din Ci'Karan "Wyvern"3 FFAs200,000Liked
Ulf Johansson "Rainmaker"1 FFA, 1 Duel25,000Neutral
Wolfpack Guard, FedCom
Dagmar Aslin "Skid"1 FFA75,000Neutral
Alexis Laide3 FFAs250,000Adored
Markus Delray "The Wrecker"2 FFAs125,000Liked
Valentin Romain "Carnival"2 FFAs135,000Liked

The trip back to Pitkin is long and uneventful, taking the better part of a year just to cross the Inner Sphere. While most of you return to Pitkin as soon as possible around May 3036, Christophe Fabrice is off rejoining Tarot Independent Trading temporarily for his original profession, to help sell and purchase additional equipment for the Delinquents. Ulf Johansson and his Dervish are nowhere to be found. An HPG message tells that he and his technician crew had drunkenly boarded the 1st Vikings DropShip.
The NAIS had shipped another package with a few more autocannons and more ammunition while you were away, and the Pitkin "waystation" base improved from its current position thanks to the technicians and engineers onsite.
While for much of the next two years it is quiet, there is growing dispute and hostility occurring from within the population of Pitkin...
On top of the Solaris VII bonus experience points earned, all MechWarriors gain an additional 10 EXP during their quiet garrison.

BattleMechs Lost:
Solaris VII Intermission was under a no-consequences protection.

BattleMechs Recovered:
No BattleMechs were recovered.

Equipment Recovered:
A golden MFB statue, 1:24 scale. (Due to a market purchase, all standard armor repair is no longer tracked.)
2 LB-10X Autocannon, 2 Ultra Autocannon/5, 120 LB-10X Slug Ammo, 120 LB-10X Cluster Ammo, 360 UAC5 Ammo

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