After Action Report

Results from last mission:
November 07, 3034
Ramora, Outworlds Alliance
Horrible things happen to people who conspire against us. If the Capellans think that launching some sort of war against one of our truce buddies was going to make up for how we invaded them during the 4th Succession War, they were sadly mistaken.
The Alliance Borderers totally overwhelmed their attackers with superior numbers; apparently the Javelin we delivered them from the last operation was a key component in their victory, as it had wreaked havoc upon its opponents, jumping from tree cover to cover and blasting rear armor away. Its ammunition was exhausted by the end of their operation, and they were able to salvage many 'Mechs. The remainder of their forces surrendered when the combined screaming of their mates back at base gave them the cue that their home was captured by us.
Our payment for their assistance was total salvage rights on our field of operation, but uh... looking at the six or so craters in the ground, that seems like a light reward. Then again, that's kind of our fault. Destruction follows us.
We're being asked to return to Pitkin for garrison. The old base we captured in October has been the operational center for the Wolfpack Company, and we'll be bunking up there for the time being. They were able to arrange some turrets on the perimeter and spruce up the base some more. As for if someone's going to retaliate, I think one of the Davion Guard units is going to do that for us once I write a full report to the AFFS High Command. This type of shit may even wind up on Hanse Davion's desk.
For now, I think some R&R has been very needed.

November 29, 3034
Pitkin, Federated Commonwealth
A storage container marked for the 2nd Delinquent Irregulars arrives at your base on Pitkin. Inside is 60 tons of standard armor, 10 tons of rare Ferro-Fibrous, and 10 tons of AC/10, LRM and SRM ammo each, with 6 tons of AC/20 ammo. There is a note: "Thank you for all of your hard work serving the Federated Commonwealth. We are gearing up for action in the coming years. We hope the extra armor and ammunition will serve you well." An hour later, a new Victor arrives and powers down at the gate. The pilot climbs into a truck that had pulled up alongside it. They inform you that the Victor is also for the 2nd Delinquents.

December 11, 3034
Woo! I just got authorization from High Command to bring the core Delinquents unit over to Solaris VII. We'll be making it in August of '35, and we can take up to 12 'Mechs with us. I heard from my brother that he's attempting to make a trip out there himself, so maybe we'll see what happens.

January 03, 3035
As nothing is expected to arrive on Pitkin aside for the occasional small pirate gang, which the Wolfpack Company can handle with ease, the core members of the 2nd Delinquents Irregulars board for Solaris VII. While too late to enter into the tournament proper, the Game World never sleeps, and exhibition matches will continue throughout the year. You will be arriving on-world on late August 3035.
The players do not need to downsize to 12 'Mechs during this time, and for sake of the GM's fragile sanity, with the exception of up to 12 'Mechs to be shipped (plus the unit's personal 'Mechs), inventory will be shared between Pitkin and Solaris VII strictly for purposes of sales and customizations. Repairs and reloads will not be tracked during your stay on Solaris VII as whatever sponsoring stables will handle that legwork -- even if it is an otherwise irreplaceable BattleMech or piece of LosTech. In addition, your characters will be protected from death, no matter what MegaMek may say. C-Bill prizes can be earned.
Participation in the Solaris VII events is voluntary, and may even involve elements of the KungsArmé 1st Vikings Irregulars.
A package from the NAIS also arrives with more freezers and a bunch of very fresh, and once thought LosTech autocannons. "Thank you for your reports on the prototype Double Heat Sinks, Captain Daniels. We hope these autocannons and additional prototypes will serve your unit well on your new, temporary 'posting' on Solaris VII. Have fun!"

Units Lost:
MAD-3M 'Clockwork' Marauder (Recovered), HCT-3F 'Patchwork' Hatchetman (Engine damaged, Gyro damaged, recovered)

Units recovered:
CN9-A Centurion, HCT-3F Hatchetman (Head destroyed)

No vehicles were recovered.

From AFFS November 3034 Shipment:
VTR-9B Victor

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
From Salvage:
57 Standard Armor, 2 Jump Jets Class IV, 1 Medium Laser, 1 PPC, 1 LRM-10, 195 LRM Ammo

From the Camp:
480 Standard Armor, 5 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser, 1 PPC, 2 Machine Guns, 1 Autocannon/10, 1 LRM-15, 169 Machine Gun Ammo, 46 Autocannon/5 Ammo, 13 Autocannon/10 Ammo, 645 LRM Ammo, 20 SRM Ammo

From AFFS November 3034 Shipment:
960 Standard Armor, 179 Ferro Fibrous Armor, 20 Prototype Double Heat Sinks, 100 Autocannon/10 Ammo, 30 Autocannon/20 Ammo, 1200 LRM Ammo, 1000 SRM Ammo

From NAIS January 3034 Shipment:
4 LB-10X Autocannons, 4 Ultra Autocannon/5s, 120 LB-10X Slug Ammo, 120 LB-10X Cluster Ammo, 400 Ultra Autocannon/5 Ammo

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