After Action Report

Results from last mission:
October 27, 3034
Ramora, Federated Commonwealth
Another outstanding sortie from our Delinquents. Wish the salvage was a lot better, though, we barely got a couple mediums for our efforts -- and this is after the Borderers ceded the battlefield to us with complete salvage rights. The ground forces have taken a liking to us, and we have just swapped frequencies to coordinate further actions. Our little centuries-old treaty will not be defiled by these dishonorable Capellans. Wait till their Kuritan allies hear of what they've been doing. Or perhaps ComStar.
We learned from a cursory interview with Killian Marion that we were able to gather up (before the Alliance Borderers took a few of their own) that they had no idea we were coming, nor did they have any idea that there was a simultaneous attack on Pitkin from his kin. It would explain why we had no knowledge of this attack until the Outworlds Alliance hailed us demanding an explanation at the time, as our fake Alliance Borderers were only knowledgeable of their own strikes on Pitkin.
Information about our actions to save CPT Shroder will propagate in the Borderers' ranks swiftly, they are not a terribly large unit as only a full battalion was stationed here before the false Chevaliers struck. I am working with the local command as we speak. I could not get market access from the factory, but we do have access to their facilities. If you have a spare engine to drop in (and the gyro to go with it, if applicable), you can adjust the speed of the vehicle or 'Mech.
If we work together, our stay on Ramora will be very brief.

All pilots will receive a bonus experience point for properly befriending the Alliance Borderers and coming to their aid.

Units Lost:

Units recovered:
JVN-10N Javelin (Donut Rule; sent to Alliance Borderers), BJ-1DB Blackjack (Leg Destroyed), DV-6M Dervish

No vehicles were recovered.

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
From Salvage:
91 Standard Armor, 4 Jump Jets Class V, 2 Jump Jets Class IV, 150 Std Engine, 200 Std Engine, 2x 2-ton Gyros, 5 Medium Lasers, 3 Large Lasers, Autocannon/5, 2 Autocannon/10s, 2 SRM-4, 12 Autocannon/10 Ammo

From AFFS Shipment:
10 Prototype Double Heat Sinks

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