After Action Report

Results from last mission:
September 20, 3034
Pitkin, Federated Commonwealth
That almost cost us a lot. Primarily because the Capellan reinforcements were much stronger than anticipated. That was a beautiful beating back of the enemy. And most of all, we've got the base. The false flag portion of their operation has been eliminated; most of the further units will be in true Capellan colors.
Keep in mind, there's still a Victor floating around.
I received word that the 17th Chevaliers have been destroyed to the last man by the Capellan General's forces. We're definitely on our own from now on. I just hope that the Chevaliers were able to take out enough 'Mechs that we can handle the rest of their forces. I'm relaying all of this information to AFFS High Command because this just will not stand.
As for the base we captured, not only did we get an excessive amount of drab green spray paint, but we have come across a score of armor, large energy weapons, and a shitload of ammunition. The two 'Mechs are nice, we're denying them to the enemy, but they're not heavies. We'll be set on armor for a few more missions.
Keep an eye on the mission terminal; I want to be sure all of our shit is fixed before we hunt for the head of this snake, and that Niebla, Spirit, or one of our new scouting crew from Tarot Independent Trading (thank you, guys!) finds an ideal place where we can ambush them.
Shabunga has some more wares. Doesn't appear to have anything special 'Mech-wise.

[Shabunga Arms Merchant Market]

Units Lost:
Wolfpack: None.
Irregulars: CPLT-C1 'Judgement' Catapult (Unrecoverable)
Other: J. Edgar Hover Tank, Savannah Master (both donated to the scout team)

Units recovered:
TBT-5S Trebuchet (Gyro Destroyed), CTF-1X Cataphract, QKD-4G Quickdraw, HBK-4G Hunchback (From Base), UM-R60 UrbanMech (From Base)

Striker Light Tank, Po Heavy Tank, Scimitar Medium Hover Tank

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
From Salvage:
227 Standard Armor, 8 Single Heat Sinks, 160 Standard Engine, 2-ton Gyro, Medium Laser, 2 Machine Guns, 2 Autocannon/10s, Autocannon/20, LRM-10, SRM-6, 195 Machine Gun Ammo, 7 Autocannon/10 Ammo, 17 Autocannon/20 Ammo, 70 LRM Ammo, 162 SRM Ammo

From the Waystation Base:
960 Standard Armor, 9 Single Heat Sinks, 2 Jump Jets Class V, 2 Jump Jets Class IV, 1 Jump Jet Class III, 2 Flamers, 3 Small Lasers, 1 Medium Laser, 4 Large Lasers, 2 PPCs, 1 Autocannon/5, 1 LRM-5, 1 SRM-2, 200 Machine Gun Ammo, 20 Autocannon/5 Ammo, 10 Autocannon/10 Ammo, 25 Autocannon/20 Ammo, 1320 LRM Ammo, 200 SRM Ammo, 300 Inferno SRM Ammo

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