After Action Report

Results from last mission:
September 04, 3034
Pitkin, Federated Commonwealth
Holy shit. Am I with the Delinquents anymore? That was the most coordinated action I'd seen from you guys yet.
While Spirit's Hussar is just about a complete loss (it fell over at the shop when it finally arrived and shattered into pieces), the components that matter most on it are still intact, and we'll shift them over to a suitable 'Mech that is available, though it will take some time. Niebla will return to duty after a couple days of R&R; he did not expect to see actual combat today.
It's no surprise that I could not get any intel from our newest POWs. However, a lot was gleaned from of all things, the Bark Scorpion prototype that landed in our recovery truck. Stamped on each leg, underneath the solid armor, was the logo for Hellespont Industrials. I do not think they anticipated it getting captured relatively intact. While we cannot customize it, we can repair it; actuators from a normal Scorpion will work on it, I have been told.
Anyway, Hellespont Industrials is a major player in the manufacturing of House Liao equipment, even though they do not make the Scorpion themselves. The fact that these people have a Liao prototype all the way across space tells us exactly what we need: this is a confirmed false flag operation orchestrated by the Capellans, trying to incite war between us and the Outworlds Alliance.
Their unit will regret the day that we burned for Pitkin to relieve the Chevaliers.

September 05, 3034
Salvage crews have been examining the old base that our fight took place around, as for once they didn't have to spend all day picking up pieces from battle. They found a hangar and depot structure that was collapsed but easily cleared, showing not only a nice supply of heat sinks, some weapons and ammunition, but also a hefty stock of LosTech Ferro-Fibrous armor!
In addition, Shabunga caught wind of our "new" prototype. If we repair it in full, he will buy it for 125% of its intended market value. He has told us that his stocks have been restocked, and he has some new 'Mechs to sell.
All players and Wolfpack pilots will receive two additional experience points for forcing a swift surrender, securing the battlefield for salvage, and acting as a complete and efficient unit during the battle.

[Shabunga Arms Merchant Market]

Units Lost:
Wolfpack: None.
Irregulars: None.

Units recovered:
LCT-1V Locust, ASN-21 Assassin (claimed by Spirit), CRB-20 Crab, SCP-1B Bark Scorpion, FS9-H Firestarter, VLK-QA Valkyrie, GRF-1N Griffin

2x Striker Light Tank

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
From Salvage:
11 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, ER Large Laser, 10 Double Heat Sinks, 107 Standard Armor, 3 Jump Jets Class V, 270 Std Engine, 3-ton Gyro, 2 Medium Lasers, 3 SRM-2, 2 SRM-6, 346 SRM Ammo, 96 Inferno SRM Ammo

From the Old Base:
538 Ferro-Fibrous Armor, 240 Standard Armor, 20 Single Heat Sinks, 4 Medium Lasers, 1 Autocannon/10, 1 SRM-6, 50 Autocannon/10 Ammo, 200 SRM Ammo

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