After Action Report

Results from last mission:
August 31, 3034
Pitkin, Federated Commonwealth
Someone better call the highway litter patrol, there's shit all over the road.
And I think everyone on Pitkin knows why by now.
We were able to capture all eight trucks from the convoy, by systematically destroying every wave that came to us. See, this is what happens when you coordinate fire, people start having a really bad day, and it wasn't us this time. I mean, the salvage crew is probably swearing up and down at all the garbage splattered across this stretch of road, but you don't have to listen to them. This time. Because none of it was ours.
Three of those trucks were carrying enough parts to build an Archer, weapons and ammo included. Why they had it on a truck and not assembled on site and using it is beyond me. Perhaps they didn't have a technician on-site to put it together, or maybe they didn't have a MechWarrior so trained on LRMs? We could ask our growing number of POWs about it.
I'm not getting answers about their operations here, but we have already called their bluff on them not being the Alliance Borderers unit. The sole retreating Locust we let escape will probably urge a radio frequency change amongst their unit, and will surely be fully aware of our counter-operation. Rumors among staff continue to persist that the Capellans are to blame for this dirty operation. I will need to look over whatever travel logs I can find, if none of our officer POWs are willing to talk.
Fuck, not even the tank crews want to talk.
The truck drivers know about as much as Go-Go does. They were the first people I asked. As soon as we liberated their cargo, we let them drive off with their trucks (resprayed) and paid them for their troubles.

In other news, a merchant has found out about the action going on on Pitkin. His name is Sadi Aslan, or as he likes to be called, "Shabunga." He may have some crap we need since like, half of our operation is off the books, and AFFS has gifted us a small check to work with in cases like this where their shipments are not sufficient.

[Shabunga Arms Merchant Market]

Units Lost:
Wolfpack: None.
Irregulars: None.

Units recovered:
STG-3R Stinger (Waterlogged), SDR-5V Spider, JM6-S JagerMech, HBK-4G Hunchback, WVR-6R Wolverine, ARC-2R Archer (Off the convoy)

2 Scorpion Light Tanks, Saracen Hover Tank, J. Edgar Light Hover Tank

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
From Salvage:
146 Armor, Large Laser, 2 Autocannon/5s, 3 Machine Guns, 2 SRM-2s, SRM-6, 2 LRM-10s, 17 AC/5 Ammo, 200 Machine Gun Ammo, 154 SRM Ammo, 190 LRM Ammo

From Convoy:
112 Armor, 4 Flamers, 10 Autocannon/10 Ammo, 10 Autocannon/20 Ammo

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