After Action Report

Results from last mission:
August 26, 3034
Pitkin, Federated Commonwealth
Once again, we're going to need a day to pick up all of the salvage. Also, I feel like I need to put a banner on our ad-hoc base HQ here on Pitkin, "What a mess."
I'm going to get that trademarked, now.
Anyway, we lost coordination compared to the last mission. Their own coordination crippled our Crab, knocked out Blitz and his Enforcer, ripped out the front axle of the Turhan, and severely damaged many of our other 'Mechs. If it wasn't for the arrangement of their surrender, we could have lost some lives out there.
We have some time to set up a swift field base and get repairs done. We're expecting a shipment of parts from the AFFS (ironic, considering the unit we're relieving, the 17th Robinson Chevaliers, hadn't received anything in a long time themselves), so that should make further repairs far easier.
I have had some time to talk to some of our prisoners, namely the leader of this company's force, Lieutenant Shi-Yeun Li. She didn't talk very much, but an examination of her tattoos suggested at least past loyalty to another Successor State, particularly, the Capellan Confederation. These men and women attempted to launch a false flag operation at the expense of the Alliance Borderers (who do garrison nearby worlds on the Outworlds Alliance only one jump out), to try to launch us into a war with our periphery neighbors.
Abby Takahashi, callsign "Go-Go", was more than happy to work for us, citing disagreements with her former employers, though the crate of whiskey certainly helped push her over to our side. She will be working with the growing Wolfpack reinforcement unit alongside Coyote in her family Javelin. Go-Go is a 4 Gunnery, 5 Piloting pilot with a point of Edge and the ability Jumping Jack.

I must stress again, for this next mission, and every mission after, you must coordinate your targets better, or you will be running away with your tails tucked between your legs. I'm hearing reports from Niebla and Spirit that heavier 'Mechs and tanks are going to be expected from here on out, and that Spirit thought she spotted a Victor.

Units Lost:
Wolfpack: None.
Irregulars: CRB-20 Crab (Damaged Gyro, Recovered).

Units recovered:
MLN-1A Merlin, JVN-10N Javelin, WVE-6N Wyvern

2 Scorpion Light Tanks, Striker Light Tank, Hunter Light Tank

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
From Salvage:
123 Armor, 1 Large Laser, 4 Medium Lasers, 2 Small Lasers, 4 Machine Guns, 4 SRM-2s, 148 SRMs

AFFS Equipment Delivery:
640 Armor, 10 Single Heat Sinks, 200 Inferno SRM Ammo, 2 PPCs, 2 Large Lasers, 3 Autocannon/10s, 50 AC/10 Ammo, 200 SRM Ammo, 240 LRM Ammo

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