After Action Report

Results from last mission:
July 31, 3034
Kennard, Federated Commonwealth
That was a much better show of coordination from our Irregulars. Fighting two battles and finally swaying the tide on them when their Warboss approached was the best thing a commander could ask for. Warboss Lex Jones, callsign "Ramrod", has been put in the brig and once we are transferred, will be sent for trial for his crimes. We have absorbed more light-specialty tankers under Coyote's control, which is good for us. These people, like Coyote, have a minimal or negative criminal record, and were along for the ride. We've given all of the Wolfpack their pledge to the Federated Suns and they will be officially Davion troops.
As for the pirates, they have been destroyed. We have razed their makeshift shops to the ground after picking through what they had. The mining operation will continue on without a hitch, and the company can expand their mining colony, hopefully with some farmers in the long run.
We will be getting restationed to a nearby world in the coming weeks. I have heard that there is a dispute going on in the world of Pitkin with the Outworlds Alliance, and the local militia holding there is not doing particularly well.

Units Lost:
Wolfpack: Savannah Master.
No Irregular units were lost. Going to need a full day for repairs on those Shadow Hawks, though.

Units recovered:
CPLT-C1 'Ramrod' Catapult, 2x WSP-1A Wasp (Scrapped), BJ-1DB Blackjack, STN-3K Sentinel, PNT-9R Panther

3 Scorpion Tanks (Scrapped), Patton Tank, Vedette Tank (Scrapped), Condor Heavy Hovertank (Davion)

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
From Salvage:
88 Armor, 1 Autocannon/5, 1 Autocannon/20, 2 SRM-6, 144 SRM Ammo, 3 AC/5 Ammo, 7 AC/20 Ammo

From Scrapping Units:
(above plus 2 Scorpion Tanks, THE-F Thorn, LCT-1S Locust, and WSP-1A Wasp)

539 Armor, 18 Jump Jets Class V, 4x 120 Std Engine, 1x 160 Std Engine, 5x 2-ton Gyro, 5 Medium Laser, 6 Machine Guns, 6 Autocannon/5s, 4 SRM-2, 1 LRM-5, 271 Machine Gun Ammo, 46 AC/5 Ammo, 222 SRM Ammo, 120 LRM Ammo

From the pirate base:
2 Medium Lasers, 2 LRM-15, 10 Single Heat Sinks

(ICE Engines are not tracked and are easily replaceable. Their low cost also makes them unworthy for trade.)

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