After Action Report

Results from last mission:
July 22, 3034
Kennard, Federated Commonwealth
What a mess. Again.
Don't worry. You're not at fault this time.
It's going to take a couple days for salvage to pick up everything worth of value. Engineering will be here before salvage and repair will even be able to finish up. And I have never seen so much... rust. Did these people even have any technicians?
So. Our new MechWarrior, who was going under an assumed name (turns out his name is Thomas Gervais, callsign "Coyote"), I ran a background check on him and he was only along for the ride, which explains his quick treason on his "friends". No criminal background to even report. A shame about his Stinger, but if you all allow it, he may take one of the quick, small 'Mechs, like a Locust, and lead a wolf pack of Savannah Masters onto an enemy of your choice later on with his more reputable tanker friends.
Miners will be here fairly shortly. We'll be protecting the crews here for the next few days as the engineers build a barracks and the mines itself. As some of the pirates were able to escape, we can expect another attack at some point. Estimates point to a few weeks. Maybe sooner. They don't seem too particularly bright.
We still need to work on our coordination. Their own lack of coordination allowed us to get the upper hand with our superior equipment.

The Wolfpack ability's troops will be controlled by the GM. The actual orders to do so must be called upon by one of the players.

Units Lost:
None. Excellent job!

Units recovered:
LCT-1S Locust (Crippled), J. Edgar Light Hover Tank (Light Damage), Harasser Hovertank (Crippled), Savannah Master (Crippled), THE-F Thorn (Moderate Damage), Striker Light Tank (Crippled), Scorpion Light Tank (Crippled)

Weapons and Equipment recovered:
85 Armor, 3 Medium Lasers, 1 SRM-4, 4 Machine Guns, 66 MGun Ammo

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