August 05, 3050
Fort Outfielder
Baker 3
Federated Commonwealth

Incoming Transmission... Leutnant Latavius Hamill
I picked up the landing of two Broadsword class DropShips quite some distance away, where it looks like they are building another base. Gamma Galaxy elements from prior are already on-site to guard over them, too numerous for even you to deal with them. I mean, normally you could trick them into an honor-bound batchall, but Clan POWs are telling me that the brass have grown weary of the Inner Sphere warriors they have been fighting, and are no longer sticking to their own rules. So, keep that in mind.
The base is not your objective. We're lifting off in a couple weeks. We are anticipating an attack from the North, but we want you to cut them off. I have selected a location loaded with cover that the Falcons must travel through, which will be perfect for an ambush. Eliminate their strike team there, and you will ensure not only the safe liftoff of your forces and crews, but the remainder of ours, too. If you don't... well, how do you think you'll fit as a Clan bondsman?

MADLAD Availability: Yes
Artillery Availability: Yes (Warning: Risk endangering honor with Jade Falcon)

Expected Forces:
Expect dominantly siege-mounted OmniMechs with long-range energy weaponry, with some lighter escorts with general armaments. Probably a Binary with no Elementals. Scouts will report with more information as it becomes available.

Tactical Notice:
A cold front is moving in with high winds and snow. With luck, it may pass before you have to fight proper.

Tactical Notice:
You may deploy Hidden for this mission.

Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy or force the retreat of the enemy.
2. Do not allow any 'Mechs 60 tons or higher to slip past the South map edge.

Mission Time: August 14, 3050
Mission Type: Battle (Ambush)
Mission Pay: 7,500,000 (Contract severance)
Bonus Available: 0
Bounty Available: 200,000 per kill or surrender
Salvage: 15% in Units and Equipment*
*(Or one 'Mech if there are 4 or more)

Gamemaster's Notes: Game is expected to be played on November 17, 2019.

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