August 14, 3050
Gyr Canyon
Baker 3
Federated Commonwealth

Incoming Transmission... Leutnant Christina Richards, 8th Arcturan Guards
They pick me up from Somerset and have this bond oath bullshit thing, and I'm riding along with some jerkoff named Nicolai Malthus, wind up in Gamma Galaxy with Star Captain Paula for a spell, they stick me in a second-rate slow as piss assault 'Mech, and here I am, captured again, this time by mercenaries.
... What? You're letting me go? Fuck's sake, finally. I want to get back into a Centurion and let the Falcons have it. Just.... not now. I'm tired, I don't want to deal with this Clan bullshit anymore. Kick Paula in the teeth for me, will you? She's a real bitch-face.
Transmission ends...

Incoming Transmission... Leutnant Latavius Hamill, Baker 3 Militia
Fantastic job staving off the attack and forcing their surrender. We are able to make final preparations to lift off and with time to spare. If you're overloaded, we have some space on our DropShips, and could use some equipment to rebuild. I think 25% of market rate is about all we can spare, but we'll pay triple that for Clan equipment. I can see another Clan strike coming in a week, but we'll be long gone. Your work is done here. You should find another contract and GTFO of here, too. I will put in a good word to the MRB about how well you conducted yourselves.
Transmission ends...

[Contract Selection]

Old Balance: 131,690,520

C-Bills Gained: 9,900,000
Mission Payment: 5,000,000
Monthly Pay: 2,500,000
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 2,400,000 (6 kills, 6 surrendered)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 0
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 0
MADLAD Usage: 0

New Balance: 141,590,520

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
KGC-0000 'Delta Sunshine IV' King CrabReadyDelta+2.5 EXP, Fair
VTR-8J 'Stonework II' VictorEngine and Gyro DamagedJ+3.0 EXP, Good
TDK-7X 'War Pig' Thunder HawkReadyWiz+3.5 EXP, Ready
OSR-2L 'Raider' OstrocReadyWhite Wolf+2.5 EXP, Ready
Daishi Anger IIILeg Blown OffTemperance+3.0 EXP, Good
AS7-D 'It Still Burns When I PPC' AtlasReadyWyvern+3.0 EXP, Ready
HTM-27T 'Retribution II' Hatamoto-ChiBoth Legs DestroyedRasputin+2.0 EXP, Good
BLR-1G 'Hunchmaster IIC' BattleMasterReadyOutlaw+5.5 EXP, Ready

Equipment Replaced#
Endo-Steel Internal Structure34
Triple-Strength Myomer9
Jump Jet Class I1
Jump Jet Class III1
Beagle Active Probe1
Guardian ECM Suite1
Weapons Replaced#
Clan ER Medium Laser2
Clan Gauss Rifle1
Rocket Launcher-100
Ammunition Reloaded#
LB10X Slug5
SRM Standard276
Clan Streak SRM0

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
Supernova [Free]Ready
Vulture Prime [15.3M]Light Damage (-51cFF -60@cLRM)
Mad Cat A [23.7M]Engine Damaged (-18cES -153cFF -3cMPLas)
Thor Prime [21.3M]Light Damage (-77cFF -1cERPPC -5@LB10-C -75@cLRM)
Masakari Prime [26.4M]Ready (-16cFF -40@cLRM)
Ryoken B [15.4M]Engine Disabled (-13cES -99cFF -10@UAC20)
Thor D [21.0M]Head Destroyed (-90cFF -1@cAMS -2@MG)
Thor D [21.0M]Head Destroyed (-97cFF -1cERMLas -1cERLLas -3cDHS -4@MG)
Loki Prime [19.1M]Engine Disabled (-1cSSRM6 -2cMG -90cSSRM -100@MG -1@cAMS)

Equipment FoundQntySB*
Clan Endo-Steel [2k]34
Clan Ferro-Fibrous [20k/19.2]76
Clan Double Heat Sink [6k]22
Jump Jet Class V [14k]4
Clan 300 XL Engine [6M]1
Gyro Standard Type III [900k]1
Gyro Standard Type IV [1.2M]1
Weapons FoundQnty
Clan Medium Pulse Laser [60k]3
Clan Flamer [7.5k]1
Clan ER Medium Laser [80k]4
Clan ER Large Laser [200k]2
Clan ER PPC [300k]2
Clan Ultra Autocannon/5 [200k]1
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
UAC5 [9k/20]16

* = Scrounger Bonuses; Pilots with Scrounger and Master Scrounger apply salvage bonuses to the entire unit, regardless of their theater of operations.

Maximum Salvage Allowance: 26,002,480 C-Bills (15%)
Total Salvage Value: 173,349,867 C-Bills
Contractor has first pick on salvage. Note that left over salvage allowance does not carry over.
"Just the one 'Mech" salvage clause is active. Clause does not apply to free Supernova.

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