Commissions Page Online
Posted January 23, 2014

While I am not actually open for commissions yet, this was a long-standing core page that needed to get done as soon as possible. And since the commission page requires contact with me, I have added that page as well. My preferred mode of contact is through deviantART because I get enough junk in my email, and my largest audience is there in the first place. Once I get this comic done for this patient person, I will open them back up. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, I did have to significantly raise my rates, and for this I apologize. :(
There's also an Old News page up for archival purposes, so that the main page doesn't fill up with updates.

TSAT: The Original Archive COMPLETE!
Posted January 21, 2014

The final 31 pages of There's Something About Tails finally have links and color commentary. It's time to work on the next project on this site, which may actually be my Commissions page.
Thank you for your patience thus far! I've been quite busy!

TSAT: The Original Archive Update!
Posted January 12, 2014

The next 73 pages of TSAT: The Original Archive have been posted. This leaves us with 25 more pages to do and then that's done.
The actual archive page has been completely filled up as well so all the links are ready. Just not ... there yet.

Content Update!
Posted January 10, 2014

The next 60 pages of TSAT: The Original Archive have been posted, complete with snarky commentary.
In preparation for the next book of Eyes of a Stranger, I have done some backend work to make your comic-viewing experience smoother; you can even pick your book in a new archive page. I have added three comic covers to help fill the space, but the last two don't lead to anything yet.
The Games page has finally been added.

Happy New Year - Content Update!
Posted January 07, 2014

How am I supposed to free up free time?! Anyway, the first 40 pages of the original TSAT archive have been posted for your amusement.

Old News

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